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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Birthday Wish (originally posted 3/15/2010)

Accidentaly deleted this post so I resurrected it... I hate moving to a new blog.

Yay….it’s my birthday. 26 years old. “Still a baby” everyone says. “Oh you are so young, you haven’t even experienced life yet!” I always get reminded. My personal favorite, though an action and not a quote, taking an older person who knows or understands absolutely nothing about what you do and making him or her your supervisor simply because the higher ups don’t trust your judgement because you lack a degree and your are the youngest person in the office. Curious as how most of the people saying this are only a couple of years older than me or no less than 20 years older than me. These responses usually come after being asked my opinion on some subject like politics, education, religion, etc. Funny, they also happen when asked about my job or how to fix some computer problem, or whatever… These are all subjects i take seriously and I take the time to do my research, testing when needed, and everything else involved when forming your own informed opinion or making your own decisions. I work hard at everything I do and learn just like those that have gone before me. I demand the same respect that they do. Just because I do not have my degree yet or I am not 5000 years old and experienced everything does not mean that my intelligence is any less than yours or that I am somehow incapable. So now that all that is out of the way, here is my birthday wish:
A pony. I want a freakin’ pony…
Thought i might wish for something bad didn’t ya? Hehe, that’s next year…

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