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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Take it to heart

While looking at my “unofficial” college transcript I had an epiphany…
Sometimes we fail at things because we can’t do it. Sometimes we fail at things because we don’t like to do it. Sometimes we fail because we aren’t meant to do it.
In college, out of all the students who usually don’t do well it is either because they didn’t like the classes and work or because they were taking the wrong classes and were meant for something else. In my experience, I have tried 2 different (but very similar) degrees: Computer Science and Computer Engineering. I am very good at programming and for the most part it comes naturally to me, wish I knew why… And yet my other classes suffer. As my wife and I talked it over and analyzed everything we cam up with this:
Common Theme: Good at Computers, bad at Math and lazy at everything else. Nutshell: Fail at Math because i can’t do it, Fail at everything else because I don’t like it. And, the higher I go in programming, the more I don’t like it…hmmmm what a pattern.
So, we looked at what I liked: Nerd Factor: Computers and Networks and the Business process. I work as an IT Administrator (4 yrs now and going) and I am working in an accounting firm. It is absolutley remarkable how IT and Business go hand in hand.
So I made the decision to switch to Management Information Systems and I am also working torward a Masters in Business Administration. Now, I like everything and I can do everything. Wow…college career saved… and the really funny thing about all this:
Why did it take 7 years to figure it out? I’ll tell you why, letting others influence my future by allowing them to dictate what and when is the best decisions for me and allowing other to plan my future.
Remember: Only YOU can make YOU happy. Only YOU can make decisions for YOU. To succeed, be prepared to ask for help. And, make sure that the path your on is yours and that you enjoy it. If you don’t, it is never to late to late to change it. Just a little harder…
Ask yourself: Am I doing things I enjoy? Why are these classes so hard for me? Do I skip class because I really have other things to do or is it because of something else? And Freshman, if your advisor tells you that you have to choose a major and pushes a plan-of-study in your face and says you have to do it now because of <insert random lame excuse> don’t be afraid to them NO. You can change your mind up until you apply for graduation. I think you can even change it then to…

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