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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Standing at the open door

I have been attending college part-time now for 8 years. I have a fantastic, though sometimes irritating, job as an IT Administrator that has provided me with invaluable experience over the last 2 years. This Spring I will be leaving it, my hometown, and my current university to head farther south to a bigger university and a new degree program with my wife who will be starting her masters degree. This is scary time for us as we transition to our new place in a new city where we don't now anyone and particularly for me since I have a huge problem being able to socialize. I'm extremely shy around new people and I have found that most of the time people take it like I am an asshole that thinks he is better than you and therefore refuses to talk. It is not as bad as it used to be thanks to my wonderful wife, but still it is a little awkward and irritating. So new town, new university, new home, no idea where or if we will be able to find jobs to fund this little adventure... but damnit I can't help but be really excited about it! Not being sarcastic either. We are really excited about this!

So here we stand at the open door, the light shining through inviting us in. Ready and willing, hand in hand, we move our feet forward ready to step into the unknown and prepared to face all that may come.

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  1. we can do it as long as we got each other. and a little bit of............. faith, ah faith, a faith