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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Be green and save on your power bill!

So this has been talked about on the radio, TV, in books and magazines, almost everywhere. My wife and I and our friends talk about all the time. I hear people talk about it all the time.Yet people still don't claim to anything about it. Your power bill is high so what are things you do to lower it? Would you start turning lights off in rooms you aren't in or don't use? Perhaps you run out to the store and buy the energy saver long-life bulbs. Maybe you even start turning off the TV and computer when you aren't watching or using it. Those are really great starts and more than most people even attempt! But, just because the TV or computer, and even most kitchen appliances, are turned off and/or used sparingly doesn't mean that they aren't pulling electricity. The US Department of Energy has reported that anywhere from 75%-85% of the power consumption in the average home happens when the appliances and electronic devices aren't even turned on or in use while a study at Berkely showed that 6%-26% of the power consumed happened while the appliance was turned off but still plugged in.

Using Berkley's numbers, if your average power bill is $200, you could potentially save up to $52 each month or roughly $625 a year just by unplugging that computer and entertainment system you use to impress your buddies!

You can use power strips to help reduce the amount electricity being used while the devices are off but studies show that simply unplugging is still the best way.

So Sparky, what your saying is that I can be greener by not using so much electricity AND save a little money just by unplugging my and computer when not in use? That is exactly what I am saying.


Check out the US Department of Energy's Energy-Saving Tips


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